Not My Thing…Usually

It’s true. I admit it. I tried slogging through Agatha Christie. I was bamboozled (in the most interesting way) by Dorothy Sayer. After a few yawns I tossed James Patterson aside, until I discovered that “Along Came a Spider” was the perfect thickness to prop up my monitor.

But despite these multiple attempts at appreciating the genre, I’ve been short of giving crime fiction its proper due.

Until now, that is.

This absorbing tome by William D. Prystauk hooked me from the moment I cracked the cover. Prystauk lends a distinctive voice to Denny Bowie, the multifaceted, delightfully gritty private investigator as he maneuvers through the shadow society of BD/SM — assisted by his intimate companions, sassy goth girlfriend Penny and slinky cross-dressing boyfriend Erin — pursuing the elusive killer of Denny’s childhood friend and eminent photographer, Tommy Heat. With excellent pacing and a suspenseful plot, Denny leads the reader through an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, peppered with titillating erotic escapades throughout and an array of fascinating characters waiting around every corner.

And while I may not be the biggest fan of the murder mystery, “Bloodletting” is a compulsive read.

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