Photo by William D. Prystauk
Photo by William D. Prystauk

David has a varied writing career, including fiction spanning the genres of drama and science fiction, nonfiction, and screenplay. He has reviewed films professionally, as well as written for publication. He is in the process of completing his master’s degree in creative writing at Wilkes University.

He has produced the short film Case #5390 (to be released Fall 2014) and consulted extensively on various film and writing-related projects.

Current Projects

  • An original screenplay featuring a high-profile drug dealer, based on true events
  • Collaborating on feature film in development with a well-known screenwriter and author
  • His short story Trudo’s Republic” will be published this summer (2014)

Screenplay Awards

  • Beverly Hills Film Festival, Top 10 Finalist, 2012 & 2013
  • Austin Film Festival, 2nd Rounder, 2013
  • Shot in Philly Film Festival, Semifinalist, 2013
  • Project Greenlight, First Pass Finalist, 2005


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